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Prep for Wailing Caverns

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Minimum entrance level: 10

Meetingstone level: 16-24

Advised level (most fun): 17-21


This is the map with important spots of the dungeon: 

Wailing Caverns map

  1. Verdan the Everliving
  2. Lord Pythas <Fanglord>
  3. Lord Serpentis <Fanglord>
  4. Lord Cobrahn <Fanglord>
  5. Mutanus the Devourer
  6. Skum
  7. Kresh
  8. Lady Anacondra <Fanglord>
  9. Disciple of Naralex
  10. Deviate Faerie Dragon (rare spawn)

Quests for the dungeon:

Six quests are found outside the Wailing Caverns, and the last one can be obtained inside.

[18] Serpent Bloom From Apothecary Zemah in Thunderbluff – Spirit Rise. Just some flower picking 😉

[22] Leaders of the Fang  From Nara Wildmane in Thunderbluff – Elder Rise. This is the big and most important quest, and the rewards are great. For this one we have to kill all Fanglords.

BUT: This quest has pre-requisites, it is at the end of a long serie of quest given by Tonga Runetotem at the Crossroads, we have to do all of her quests [13] The Forgotten Pools, [16] The Stagnant Oasis, [16] Altered Beings and [16] Hamuul Runetotem. The last one will send us to Thunder Bluff, where we will get [16] Nara Wildmane from Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem (he is in the big tent on the elder rise), he will send us to talk to Nara Wildmane, who is on the Elder rise as well.

[18] Troubles at the docks from Crane Operator Bigglefuzz in Ratchet. We have to find a Npc named Mad Magglish, and he is invisable, but appears when you get close to him. He can be at two different spots:
” When you enter the cavern, you will reach a fork, do not go left towards the water, this is the way towards the instance, go straight until you reach a drop off, jump down, the npc is on your right, in the corner. If he is not there: From the cavern entrance, take left at first fork, you will reach a pool of water, go left. Go till the end of this tunnel and you will find him there.”

[18] Smart Drinks from Mebox Mizzyrix in Ratchet. Pre-requisite for this quest is [18] Raptor Horns, from the same npc. Wailing Essence drops from Ectoplasms, inside and outside of the instance. Appeltje Eitje 😛

[17] Deviate Hides  We can get this quest from Nalpack, Secret cave above wailing caverns, we have to get this one last, right before entering WC. To get there we have to climb the mountain first, then jump down right over the top of Wailing caverns’ entrance, and drop down again on the lower rocks, turn around and there’s the entrance to the secret cave. The quests are easy to do, Deviate Hides drop from any deviate type.

[21] Deviate Eradication  from Ebru also in the Secret cave above wailing caverns.  Same as above.

And finaly the quest inside the dungeon:

[25] The Glowing Shard  Item starts the quest, dropped by Multanous the Devourer. 

TODO’s before entering the dungeon:

Pick up quests in Thunder Bluff, Ratchet and the Secret Cave. Do [18] Raptor Horns before picking up the Ratchet quests. And if we want to do [22] Leaders of the Fang , which is the main quest for this dungeon, go through the quest-chain; but we may have to do the dungeon one week later and use this week for the preparation (It’s a very long but easy chain).