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Prep for Razorfen Downs

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Level and Attunement

Minimum entrance level: 25

Meetingstone level: 33-41

Advised level (most fun): 34-37

Attunement: None.

See wow-europe, wowwiki and/or thottbot for more information.


  1. Ragglesnout   (rare spawn)   (E = Entrance,  CS = Chest span)
  2. Amnennar the Coldbringer
  3. Gluton
  4. Tuten’kash
  5. Mordresh Fire Eye

In one of the pens in the Murder penspart (most NE part) there’s a NPC named Henry Stern we should visit. He has a coocking and alchemy recipe for us.

Quests for the dungeon

[35] A Host of Evil from Myriam Moonsinger in the Barrens.

Kill al sorts of Razorfen pigs.

[36] An Unholy Alliance from Varimathras in the Undercity. This is the followup from the Razorfen Kraul quest.

We have to kill a guy outside the dungeon at 48,90

[37] Scourge of the Downs from Belnistrasz inside the dungeon.

This npc is traped in a cage behind the skeleton boss inside the dungeon. We can turn it in at the quest giver, who will give us the followup [37] Extinguishing the Idol. Then he will vanish and leave a burning idol. Clicking on this idol will complete the quest and make is a nice ring richer.

[42] Bring the End from Andrew Brownell in Undercity.

Get the skull of the last boss in the dungeon.


All Bosses, tactics and drops

Bosses RFD

(picture from wowwiki)

[38E] Mordresh Fire Eye

Tactics for Mordresh: This one is a fire spell caster that summons a lot of skeletons. So we have to do 2 things: Shady should try and Kick him when ever he can to interupt the fire spells. We can take out the skeletons by using EoA spells.

Drops of Mordresh:

Glowing Eye of Mordresh
16.0 41 Neck 694 36.9% 3

Deathmage Sash
26.0 41 Cloth Waist 627 33.3% 3

Mordresh’s Lifeless Skull
15.9 41 Held In Off-hand 600 31.9%

[37E] Tuten’kash

Tactics for Tuten’kash: This one comes after 2 waves of mobs. After we ring the gong once a group of little spiders come. After we kill them and regain health we should ring the gong a 2nd time and we get some elite undead spiders. After we killed these we ring the gong a 3rd time and then we get a godzilla like spider thats the boss.

Drops of Tuten’kash: 

Silky Spider Cape
16.0 42 Back 691 33.3% 3

Carapace of Tuten’kash
33.0 42 Plate Chest 690 33.2% 3

Arachnid Gloves
10.0 42 Leather Hands 629 30.3%

 [37E] Gluton 

Tactics for Gluton: Gluton has a Disease Cloud. He has a lot of HP and deals a lot of Damage. This could be a long fight.

Drops of Gluton: 

Glutton’s Cleaver
196 41 Axe One-Hand 1257 49.3% 3

Fleshhide Shoulders
26.0 42 Leather Shoulder 1173 46.0%

[37E] Amnennar the Coldbringer 

Tactics for Amnennar: Only 1 thing really, Padme should pull him away from the fire he stands by, he will run into it and if he dies in there he is unlootable.

Drops of Amnennar:

Robes of the Lich
37.0 44 Cloth Chest 913 36.4% 3
Icemetal Barbute
42.0 44 Plate Head 839 33.5% 3
Deathchill Armor
31.1 44 Mail Chest 721 28.7% 3
27.6 43 Leather Hands 699 27.9% 3
Coldrage Dagger
207 44 Dagger One-Hand 425 16.9%

[37E] Ragglesnout 

Tactics on Ragglesnout: He’s very rare. If he’s there we just have to kill him. No special stuff.

Drops of Ragglesnout:

Boar Champion’s Belt
21.0 42 Mail Waist 230 48.1% 3

Savage Boar’s Guard
17.0 42 Shield Off Hand 211 44.1% 3

229 42 Sword Two-Hand 93 19.5%

TODO’s before entering the dungeon

Were still in Undercity from the previous instance run. So we should pick up 2 quest here. (Some of us already have the followup [36] An Unholy Alliance from earlier). Then we take the zepplin to Orgrimar and fly near the dungeon. Before entering the dungeon we can complete [36] An Unholy Alliance and pick up [35] A Host of Evil .