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Prep for Shadowfang Keep

Posted in Adventure, Dungeon with tags , , on 13 Jun 2008 by Healyum


Minimum entrance level: 10

Meetingstone level: 17-25

Advised level (most fun): 18-21


This is the map with important spots of the dungeon: 

Map of SFK

  1. Archmage Arugal
  2. Wolf Master Nandos
  3. Fenrus the Devourer
  4. Commander Springvale
  5. Deathsworn Captain (rare spawn)
  6. Odo the Blindwatcher
  7. Razerclaw the Butcher
  8. Baron Silverlaine

Quests for the dungeon:

[25] Deathstalkers in Shadowfang From High Executor Hadrec in The Sepulcher, Silverpine forest. Find a body lying at the entrance.

[26] The book of Ur From Keeper Bel’dugur in Undersity. Pick up a book from the library inside the dungeon.

[27] Arugal Must Die From Dlar Dawnweave in The Sepulcher, Silverpine forest. Kill the final big Boss.

TODO’s before entering the dungeon:

Easy dungeon with little preparation. Get 1 quest in Undercity and 2 in The Sepulcher. Thats all.