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Prep for Scarlet Monastery Library

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Level and Attunement

Minimum entrance level: 20

Meetingstone level: 28-44

Advised level (most fun): 33-35

Attunement: None.

See wow-europe, wowwiki and/or thottbot for more information.


This is the map with important spots of the dungeon: 

Map of SML

  1. Arcanist Doan                (E = Entrance,  CS = Chest span)
  2. Houndmaster Loksey

Quests for the dungeon

[33] Hearts of Zeal  From Master Apothecary Faranell in Undercity, this is the follow up of [30] Going, Going, Guano!

We need 20 hearts of any Scarlet NPC. I’ve mentioned this one at the Prep of SM Graveyard to, but we need to be lvl 30 to get this one and it can be done in any part of Scarlet Monastery… So here it is again.

[36] Test of Lore From Parqual Fintallas in Undercity.

The quest itself is very easy. We have to pick up a book from the library. The hard part here is the long chain of pre-requisite quest we have to pick up. See the ‘Todo’s before…’ below for more information. When we finaly turn this quest back in, we have to answer a question. The answer to the question is: “Ner’zhul” (Option 3). Then we have to turn in the last quest in Thousand Needles to get our reward.

[38] Compendium of the Fallen From Sage Truthseeker in Thunder Bluff.

We have to pick up a book in the last part of the dungeon.

[42] Into the Scarlet Monastery Form Varimathras in Undercity.

This quest is the boss killing quest. We need to kill bosses in al parts of the Scarlet Monastery. (Library, Armory and Cathedral). After killing the boss in the Library part we have to pick up the Scarlet key behind him. We need this key to get attuned for the Armory and Cathedral parts.

All Bosses

 Bosses of SM

(picture from wowwiki)

TODO’s before entering the dungeon

First we can pick up the quest [38] Compendium of the Fallen  in Thunder Bluff. Second step is to get de questchain done for [36] Test of Lore. Here it is:

  1. Pickup [26] Test of Faith from Dorn Plainstalker in Thousand Needles
  2. DON’T jump yet… if we do we’ll die. Instead, turn around and find the planks slightly behind us and to the left. From there we jump…..   it realy is a test of faith. 😉  Almost as soon as we have JUMPED off the edge, we’ll see “Quest Completed”. About 75 percent of the way down we’ll be teleported back where the guy will reward us.
  3. Now we can get the follow up [30] Test of Endurance.
  4. Get to 27,49 and kill Grenka, easy as hell. Not realy a test of endurance.
  5. Turn the quest back in and get [30] Test of Strength and kill Rok’Alim allong the south side of Thousand Needles (between 11,22 and 26,42)
  6. The followup [30] Test of Lore brings us to Braug Dimspirit in Stonetalon Mountains (76,74). Here we have to pick up a book in his cave, answer a question (Answer is Neltharion option 2)
  7. Now we have to go to Undercity and talk to Parqual Fintallas who will give us the dungeon quest [36] Test of Lore

Now that we are in Undercity we can pick up the other 1or 2 quests.