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Prep for Razorfen Kraul

Posted in Adventure, Dungeon with tags , , on 14 Jun 2008 by Healyum

Level and Attunement

Minimum entrance level: 17

Meetingstone level: 23-31

Advised level (most fun): 24-27

Attunement: None

See wow-europe, wowwiki and/or thottbot for more information.


This is the map with important spots of the dungeon: 


  1. Agathelos the Raging         (E = Entrance,  CS = Chest spawn)
  2. Blind hunter (Rare spawn)
  3. Charlga Razorflank 
  4. Overlord Ramtusk
  5. Deathspeaker Jargba
  6. Aggem Torncurse
  7. Roogug
  8. Earthcaller Halmgar (Rare spawn)
  9. Willix the importer (Quest giver)

Quests for the dungeon

[26] Blueleaf Tubers From Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet, Barrens.

Not so easy, here’s what to do:

1. When you enter instance, go straight, if you see vines and hogs (called Raging Agam’ar’s) you’re in the right spot.
2. Kill a bunch of hogs
3. Stand on vine.
4. Click crate with holes, be careful you can only do this 5 times, so make sure you’re on right spot (you can check if you’re on the right spot if your snufflenose command stick works- that is, it keeps shining when you click it and it doesnt say failed)
5. Gophers. Once you see them, CLICK your snufflenose command stick ONCE. The gophers sniff around come up to you and turn into an HERB (looks like one)
6. Click on the herb and BAM you have collected a blueleaf tuber..

[27] A Vengeful Fate From Auld Stonespire in Thunder Bluff.

Killing a boss (Charlga Razorflank), that will drop a heart.

[30] Willix the Importer From Willix inside the dungeon.

Escort him out of the dungeon. To End the quest we have to talk to him a second time, after escorting him.

[30] Going, Going, Guano! From Master Apothecary Faranell in Undercity.

We have to get Guano from bats. The guano is dropped by the Kraul Bats in the chamber before the final boss. This is the first of a followup quest. The second quest is [33] Hearts of Zeal and sends us to Scarlet Monastery…. think we will get there sometime soon. 😉

[36] An Unholy Alliance starts by a Small Scroll droped by Charlga Razorflank.

The scroll must be returned to Varimathras in the Undercity. He will give us a follow up with the same name [36] An Unholy Alliance. We’re going to finish this follow up when we’re goning to Razorfen Downs.

All Bosses

Bosses of RFK 

(picture from wowwiki)

TODO’s before entering the dungeon

Pickup the quests in The undercity, Ratchet and Thunder Bluff. Go to the dungeon and have fun! 😉