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Prep for Ragefire Chasm

Posted in Adventure, Dungeon with tags , , on 8 Apr 2008 by Healyum


Minimum entrance level: 8

Meetingstone level: 13-20

Advised level (most fun): 13-16


This is the map with important spots of the dungeon for upcomming monday:

 Ragefire Chasm map

E. Entrance to the instance from the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar
1. Maur Grimtotem and Oggleflint
2. Taragaman the Hungerer
3. Jergosh the Invoker
4. Bazzalan

Quests for the dungeon:

[16]Hidden Enemies (Elite), this is the main quest, objectives are to kill Jergosh and Bazzalan. (at the end of main route on map) To get this quest, you must first complete a few solo quests, go talk to Thrall in Orgrimmar, he will give you [12] Hidden Enemies, after a few missions, you will get the Elite quest for Ragefire Chasm. 

[15]Testing an Enemies Strength. (Elite) Given by Rahauro in Thunder Bluff, you can find him on the Elder Rise. This quest is self explanatory, you will complete it while doing the main quest.

[16]Searching for the lost Satchel (Elite), Given by Rahauro as well. This quest is easy, Maur Grimtotem’s location is on the map, and the route to him as well. Follow it. 

[16]Slaying the Beast (Elite), Given by Neeru Fireblade, he is easy to find, he is in a tent right next to the entrance to RFC. The Objective of the quest is to kill Taragaman the Hungerer. He is on your way to Jergosh and Bazzalan, you can’t miss him. (he’s also marked on the map)

[16]The Power to Destroy (Elite), Given by Varimathras, in the Undercity. You can find him in the back area of the Apothecarium. The objectives are to find two books on searing blade agents. The Spells of Shadow and Incantations from the Nether books can be found on Searing Blade Cultists and/or Searing Blade Warlocks as rare drops. You will find a lot of these mobs on the way to the bosses. This quest has nice pants rewards for every class.

TODO’s before entering the dungeon:

First thing we have to do monday is:

Pick up quests in Undercity, Thunder Bluff and go through the quest-chain from Thrall in Orgrimmar to get the dungeon quest. And then have some fun with our first dungeon run as the MMM’s ) !!(Monday MuMu’s)