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The monday without Lokiloki

Posted in Adventure, Fun, Guild with tags , on 5 Apr 2008 by Padmé

At first we didn’t wanna play, but we decided to do some easy quests and the lvl 10 class quests. We also gossiped about Lokiloki lol, thats what ppl do when someone is not arround :p We decided we want Haradin back, but thats up to you Lokiloki. We had great fun, even without Skype (Padmé’s headset wasn’t available).

Here some nice pictures:

We also decided it would be even better if Lokiloki transformed in to a Rogue. I’m sure Loki wouldn’t mind picking up a new Rogue char.

thnx Healyum!


All characters on Alonsus Realm

Posted in Guild with tags , , , , , , , , , , on 31 Mar 2008 by Healyum
Content transferred to Monday MuMu other Chars page.