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Prep for Scarlet Monastery Armory

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Level and Attunement

Minimum entrance level: 20

Meetingstone level: 28-44

Advised level (most fun): 35-37

Attunement: Scarlet Key from the Library part of Scarlet Monastery.

See wow-europe, wowwiki and/or thottbot for more information.



This is the map with important spots of the dungeon: 


  1.    Harod                    (E = Entrance,  CS = Chest span)


Quests for the dungeon

[42] Into the Scarlet Monastery Form Varimathras in Undercity.

This quest is the boss killing quest. We need to kill bosses in all parts of the Scarlet Monastery. (Library, Armory and Cathedral). So here we goning to get the second boss on the kill list.


All Bosses, tactics and drops

 Bosses of SM

(picture from wowwiki)

[37E] Harod 

Tactics for Harod: When we first reach Harods room, like with all bosses, make sure everyone is full Health/Mana, and everyone has all buffs. 

Padme has to jump down to Herod and let her engage the fight, all other shouldn’t start doing the damage right away, let Padme do some threat Damage and then start doing the damage. This is because Herod really hits heavy, al others should stay alert and don’t grab his aggro, because Healyum will quickly run out of mana for you. We have to stay in the ground, don’t use the stairs! Also don’t go outside the room, because you will agro 4 Elites that spaned as adds in another room, we can’t handel Harod when they are around.

Herod only has 2 abilities, one of them is really important:
– When he yells “Blades of Light!” EVERYONE stop doing damage to him and back off from his range, he will engage in a spinning move that will eat your HP like a fat kid on pie. While he’s spinning, no one can damage him, so don’t try. Take advantage of this though, he will stop for a few seconds for this attack and as long you are away from him, you can use bandages if needed and save Healyum some mana.
– His other ability (you can’t really do anything about it) is when he yells “Light give me strength!” he will enrage (something like Blood Fury) and do even more damage, he will only use this later in the fight.

Herod has over 10k of HP, and he is partially immune to fire so Fuegotte won’t do as much damage as normal. It will be a long fight.

When we finally down him, loot him immediately and roll fast, the room will get flooded by lvl 20 peasants who only have 100 hp. They are quite easy to kill, just concentrate around one place so Fuegotte can use a AoE. They will die fast enough.

Drops of Harod:

Raging Berserker’s Helm
35.0 42 Mail Head 3057 38.3% 3
Herod’s Shoulder
21.0 42 Mail Shoulder 2228 27.9% 3
201 42 Axe Two-Hand 1265 15.9% 3

Scarlet Leggings
30.0 43 Mail Legs 964 12.1%

TODO’s before entering the dungeon

Just go there and get the boss, check the tactics above.

This dungeon will be the first real test for us as a group because any mistake here may cause the group to wipe. The dungeon must be cleared with care, since fleeing humanoids can easily pull lots of other mob groups.

So maybe we get a chance to test Padme’s wipe prevention ability. 😉