On this page you can find what dungeons the Monday Mu Mu Crew have entered and survived ūüėČ Instances that we are going to do are listed here to. There are only dungeons on this page for 5 person parties, the raid dungeons aren’t mentioned.

For a list of all dungeons out there including the Alliance ones, check out this page: Instances overview.

Dungeons in Azeroth up to level 60:

Dungeons in Outland (Caverns of time are in Kalimdor) up to level 70:

Dungeons in Northrend (Caverns of time are in Kalimdor) up to level 80:

  • Utgarde¬†Keep (70-72).
  • The Nexus (71-73).
  • Azjol-Nerub¬†(72-74).
  • Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom (73-75).
  • Drak’tharon Keep (74-76).¬†
  • The Violet Hold (75-77).
  • Gundrak (76-78).
  • Halls of Stone (77-79).
  • Utgarde Pinnacle (80).
  • Culling of¬†Stratholme (80) in Caverns of time, Tanaris.
  • The Oculus (80).
  • Halls of Lightning (80).

6 Responses to “Dungeons”

  1. Edited the page with some info on the instancerun of last monday.

  2. Created the dungeon list up to level 70.

  3. wow, looking forward to it!! finally going to do the dungeons Yay!

  4. I’ve changed the order of the dungeons. Razorfen Downs is moved to below the Scarlet Monastery dungeons. Shady and I found out that we have to be lvl 37 to pick up the boss quest for Razorfen Downs. So we have some levels to go before we can do that. For the other 2 SM dungeons we dont have to pick up any more quest.

  5. As of the SM Armory Prep I will add some tactics en drop information for all bosses. Especially the tactics can be very usefull in the future.

    Did this already for:
    Scarlet Monastery Armory (35-37).
    Scarlet Monastery Cathedral (36-40).
    Razorfen Downs (34-37).

  6. I was getting some questions and remarks via my personal site about the prep pages of the dungeons. Most of them were about the fact that there is missing information for Alliance players. For this reason I decided to transport the info to another site and rewrite the preps so they can be used by everybody.

    As of last night the new site is online. I’ve already rewritten some of the pages and will continue doing so. I will insert links to this new site for future dungeons. There is some other information about dungeons too.

    Here it is: http://www.furst.nl/wow

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