Chat archive 200810

This page is for us to chit chat with each other 🙂


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  1. I’ve noticed that we use the comments from the post to chit/chat about things irrelevant to the post. Therefore i made this page. We can use this page as a “non- realtime” chat box 🙂

  2. Healyum i’ve made you also an Administrator of this site!

  3. Thx Tankie. Nice to have a chatpage.

    Nice weather, isn’t it. 😉

  4. Yeah, now i have something to do @work 😉
    Nice weather!! Its RAINING in Amsterdam boehhoeh

  5. I have (almost have) a little Yoda irl, named: Hugo (becouse my HB doesn’t like starwars, i wasnt allowed to call him officially Yoda) LOL

    He is a Sphynx cat. He has no fur, he is a naked cat.

    He has also a wordpress blog!

  6. Your HB doesn’t like starwars ?????
    Why… why…. why?

    Oh and, nice cat. I will call him Yoda nevertheless.

  7. I dont know why 😦 He doesnt like wow eather 😦

    The cat is gonna be like superman: Hugo when everyone is arround, and Yoda when he is alone with me. Together we gonna defend this galaxy! ( do they have pink lightsabers? )

  8. Damn!
    For the first time I’m (mentally) ready to do some serious flower picking. And what do I get: The world server of Alonsus is down. Is it Wednesday morning already ?? I don’t think so!

  9. Oh NOES, tei invatet ur servur, tei bastartz!

  10. authiel Says:

    Whoa! I think the cat actually is Yoda. He just turned another color! He’s all wrinkley and stuff. U should dress him up like Yoda. With his own pink lightsabre. Do or do not… there is no try!

  11. Wooho new avatar Padme? Nice! Now you don’t all have a pink backgound!

  12. Cool new header image! We look realy good.

  13. My white hair looks better on purple 🙂

  14. GJ and I are nerds, look at our email adresses:

    healyum [at]f***t [dot]nl
    amidala [at]t****r [dot]eu

    btw: this is also bcse we are not permitted to have several accounts on 1 email adress. Oh, do we have several wordpress accounts??? hmm, like master Yoda would say: Nerdy…..little we are 😉

  15. I have to admit: I’m nerdy. But what about a user name that looks like this:

    How do you pronounce that?? 😛

  16. yep, i also wondered what that was 🙂 thats not nerdy, but paranoia 🙂

  17. A lot of the older pictures have disapeared. Did the import go wrong and is the cache refreshed or something?? Do we have the older pictures somewhere?

  18. Something went wrong after the migration. I have re-inserted some of the old pictures.
    The gravatars from the comments are gone, because its not linked anymore to local accounts. (only the old comments). you can see my old gravatar, because i also have an “” gravatar for Padme. This never happend to me before and i work with wordpress since 2003. But anyway, from now one it should work ok.

  19. Oh man, do I wish it was tomorrow already! Can’t wait.

  20. Shady Says:

    Wel today = tomorrow but I can’t wait for tonight 🙂

  21. Heren, ik kan er helaas vanavond niet bij zijn. Ik moet eerst met mijn hond naar de dierenarts. Misschien dat ik later op de avond wel online kom, maar dat kan ik nu niet met zekerheid zeggen. Speel rustig zonder mij, ik loop toch 2 lvl’s voor 😉 Liefs, Padmé

  22. Shady Says:

    Ok = goed. Veel succes bij de dierenarts. En misschien nog tot later vanavond 😉

  23. Ja ja nu ook in het Nederlands… voor het eerst 😉
    Succes bij de dierenarts… had al gelezen dat het niet echt goed ging.

  24. Hi all,

    What about running an dungeon again next week. Now that we are all level 19, we have 3 options:

    1. Wailing Caverns in The Barrens (17-21);
    2. Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest (18-21);
    3. Deadmines in Westfall (18-22): Not realy an option, it’s a very long walk.

    Let me know what you all think. If you all want to go, I will make a prep post again.

  25. Mocht je bij de oude comments nog je gravatar erbij willen, dan moet je hier: een account aanmaken, zelfde emailadres invullen als deze blog en zelfde (of andere) plaatje daar uploaden.

    Dat is waarom mijn gravatar er nog wel bij staat. Dit is alleen voor de OUDE comments!

  26. dungeons? ok with me.

  27. ?? I already have a Gravatar 😦

  28. yep but you have to have a gravatar on the email adress you use with this account (you can make several gravatars, 1 per emailadres). for you its the healyum email adres you have to add to your account.

  29. Yes I know. Found out what the problem was. I used another email adres at first, and that one didn’t have an Gravatar. Newer post were working fine. Fixed it.

  30. On monday the 5th I’m not going to be able to game 😦
    I’m on vacation then 🙂 and have no internet access.

  31. Shady Says:

    That’s fine with me. Since I am in Copenhagen again I cannot make it either 🙂

  32. Fuegotte Says:

    Hi All,
    please note that I have adjusted my profile. I also keep a little biography.

    About the 5th of May, I will also not be able to attend our game night. It is the last night I have with my girl since she will leave me for her internship in Italy the coming 6 months.

    Keep it Burning!


  33. He firestarter, your first post here, great!!

    And about your profile….. what went wrong? 😉

  34. i will not be able to play on “2de pinksterdag”

  35. Hey Authiel, debiel, dikke P**L!!! Wat zie ik nu, je bent al lvl 21????????? 😉

  36. Daar gaat het concept van “Alleen op maandag spelen als we samen zijn”!

  37. tja, zal “ze” last hebben van “the dark side of the force”? Vanavond maar ff Master Yoda raadplegen en Authiel voor de raad gooien! 😉

  38. Hya Crew!

    Go outside and enjoy the weather, its a wonderfull morning! (in the NL not in XR)

    xxx Padmé

  39. Fuegotte Says:

    Yo Crew,

    I woke up this morning, finally refilled my strenght after 2 days of partying. Opened up our website, only to find being called ‘gay’.

    I guess I should really cut down on the gasoline… But hey, let’s just say I’ve got a big hunk of Burning love!

    About my profile, what went wrong?

    Greetz Fuego

    ps Shady, stop calling, faxing, mailing and sending me flowers. You’re really not my type!

  40. Damn guys, you should have named this guild the village people! Now i’m stuck with 2 gay (Firestarter and Authiel Dikke P**L). plls Shady and Healyum, dont tell me you’re gay 2 😉 Although Healyum sometimes wear dresses and Shady seems to enjoy the “kiss”, hmmm…..

  41. Shady Says:

    Lol and a big kiss from Shady 🙂

  42. Miss ya all *group hug*

  43. Back from the Ardennen. Was very nice.. but missed the mondays with you guys and girls 😉 a lot.

  44. Message from HolyWitch: “Have a hangover from the party!! Did I do stupid things ??…. like getting undressed or something. Found myself with my underwear inside out, but I was to drunk to remember what happend! Oh… and did someone lose 10s… found that in a strange place to.”


  45. Message from Kenpo: “uh oh, you 2 Holy? i woke up the same, but with 4G in my ehm ….. yep strange place” 😉

  46. Shady Says:

    Reminder, Shady and Authiel will not be available tonight. Hopefully we will be able to finish Ghostlands next week.

  47. Fuegotte Says:

    Reminder from my side, I will be in Itali next week(-end) so I will not be able to participate.

    I will be playing tonight, so if anyone would like to join, let me know!

  48. Lost my hair curl iron in the Barrens, do you think a lightsabre will do the job?

  49. This is 2 cruell!! A dear wow friend gave me this novel:
    “A steamy romance novel” So i got myself cosy into bed, glas of wine and potato chips….and started reading……..but then, when the steamy romance began, it ended like this: (i quote the last passage of the novel)

    “…..He paused for a moment while gathering his nerve, and pressed himself against her diminutive form. Their lips met hotly. melting her frost armor spell in a torrent of sweltering vapor. “So, is there another step to this quest?” she teased. Her eyes glittering with excitement.

    This goes on for several hundred more pages. without advancing the plot.”

    isn’t it cruel to end a novel like that????

  50. Shady Says:

    Lol, if i had known it would like this….I would have still given the book to you 😉 I thought this would be the WoW version of the “boeket reeks”. And i guess it sort of is. Have fun 🙂

  51. Is everybody online upcomming Monday? It has been several weeks… almost forgotten how it is to play a holy priest. 😛

    Are we going to finish Ghostlands and prep for Blackfathom Deeps?

  52. Shady Says:

    Yes, I will be there but from Copenhagen 🙂 Let’s hope the internet connection is good enough.

  53. Shady Says:

    Guys and Girl,

    Can you confirm you will attend tonight. As said before I will be a bit later but should be there before 21:00.

    C-Ya tonight!


  54. I will be there. Think we don’t have much to do in Ghostlands anymore. We’re way to high level for Ghostlands.

  55. Count me in!

  56. We were talking about wipe prevention last monday. Well here it is:

    Paladins have a spell called “Divine Intervention” (available from lvl 30) that will take a player out of battle for 3 minutes. It’s on a 60-minute cooldown. If the Paladin casts it on a player that can resurrect, and this player is out of the aggro radius of any monsters, you can save the party. This spell requires a reagent, so make sure you bring some along.

    More info:

  57. Shady Says:

    Good spotting on the Pally ability but we are not lvl 30 yet 🙂

  58. Shady Says:

    Dear enchanters,

    Would it be possible for either of you to get the following weapon enchant “Enchant Weapon – Crusader”

    This is very beneficial to Warriors and Rogues and is only lvl 60+ Enchanting 300 is required.



  59. I dont have this enchant “Crusader”, the formula is a rare drop from the Plaguelands. So I went to the AH thinking I would try and buy it, but the Formule costs between 250 and 300 g 😦 skipped it for now.

  60. Same with me….but if you got the formula + mats…one of us will enchant you for free 😉

  61. Shady Says:

    That is very generous of you 😉 But I think I’ll pass on that deal. Let’s discuss the option where I provide the formula and you provide me with the enchants. This way you will lose some money on the mats but will gain a valuable enchant for you to market. Anyone up for this?

  62. This is the enchant i would like to have on my sword:

    Enchant Weapon – Mongoose

    But i will keep dreaming about that 😉

  63. Ahh Mongoose, very nice indeed. Only takes 6 very rare Void Crystals 😉 If you buy them in the AH, they will cost you about 180 g, if one farms for it cost you about weeks. Damn, why are the best things always so expensive.

    BUT the deal Shady suggested, is a fine deal and it will go for you to:
    If you bring me the formula, I will farm the mats and enchant your gear.

    I have a dream to:

    Enchant Weapon – Major Healing

    The formula alone is about 1200 g in the AH…. but it’s nice to have a dream.

  64. Shady Says:

    The Mongoose is my very wet dream 🙂 But need enchanting 375 for that. I am happy to sponsor the enchantment scroll. Let me know when you reach the level 🙂

  65. I will sponsor enchanting also!!

    Yeah Shady, i already thought you would like the Mongoose also 😉


    Maar het was wel weer gezellig, ook al was het een KUT dungeon!

    Oh en die q-reward, de pants, zijn erg sexy 😉

  67. Authiel Says:

    Probably the biggest news about WOW right now would be the latest patch which allows us to have our mounts at level 30!

    And maybe the fact that our beloved Padmé needs a new computer. Good luck on that!

    And I like the mondaynight dungeon thing but also need some mats for my enchanting and tailoring skills. Otherwise there will be no more progression. Probably will have to do this in my own spare time I guess.

    Have a new enchant of which some of you guys already know about: Minor Beastslaying. Would be a nice enchant for you as well Padmé. Need some mats first though.

  68. Authiel, please DON’T do anything in your spare time. It will result in the same problem we had up till last week: Our levels will get futher and futher apart.

    The problem you have with getting no mats from the dungeon, is actually bigger for the rest of us.
    -You get the items to disenchant and get the cloth etc that drop op humanoids.
    -Fuegotte gets some leahther from skinning beasts.
    -Padme gets nothing, there are vertually no mining spots in dungeons.
    -Same goes for Shady who needs mining to.
    -And I haven’t seen flowers in dungeons sinds Wailing Caverns.

    So if we need to farm stuff, we should do it all together or use an alternative characters. (I’ve been using Dheal for flower picking for months now…)

  69. Authiel Says:

    Actually my farming is currently done in low-level areas. Where drops such as pearls or silk (or future other items) come from level 17-20 mobs and such. Therefore there is no progress in gaining experience.

    And I have no alt Horde chars which are capable of doing farming for me.

    Low-level dungeons don’t work for my enchanting skills. The drops are practically useless. I need items which are found in the level 30-40 range.

  70. Fuegotte Says:

    Hi Athiel,

    If you need silk, just let me know. I have a shit load of it. I am not planning on sowing silk sheets or anything 🙂

  71. Authiel Says:

    Yeah guess I can use some. But not right now. Need other stuff first, such as spider silk and iridescent pearls. But I will buy these items from AH. They’re hard to get and worth a lot of money. If you could spare some, I’d rather like some medium leather.

  72. Authiel, if it is all just for leveling your tailoring and not for specific items, there’s a much easier way. You can level with ‘normal’ mats and stuff you can buy from tradesuppliers. I’ve used this with Holywitch, and it is very easy this way. If we all give you the silk, mageweave, rune cloth etc that drops you will have to spend no more then 45g in total to get to lvl 300 tailoring.

    1 – 50
    Bolt of Linen Cloth (2 x Linen Cloth) x 80

    50 – 70
    Linen Bag (3 x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 3 x Coarse Thread) x 20

    70 – 75
    Reinforced Linen Cape (2 x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 3 x Coarse Thread) x 5

    75 – 105
    Bolt of Woolen Cloth (3 x Wool Cloth) x 60

    105 – 110
    Gray Woolen Shirt (2 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 1 x Fine Thread, 1 x Gray Dye) x 5

    110 – 125
    Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders (3 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 2 x Fine Thread) x 15

    125 – 145
    Bolt of Silk Cloth (4 x Silk Cloth) x 190

    145 – 160
    Azure Silk Hood (2 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Blue Dye, 1 x Fine Thread) x 15

    160 – 170
    Silk Headband (3 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Fine Thread) x 10

    170 – 175
    Formal White Shirt (3 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Bleach, 1 x Fine Thread) x 5

    175 – 185
    Bolt of Mageweave (5x Mageweave Cloth) x 100

    185 – 200
    Crimson Silk Vest (4 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Red Dye, 2 x Fine Thread) x 30

    200 – 215
    Crimson Silk Pantaloons (4 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Red Dye, 2 x Silken Thread) x 15

    215 – 220
    Black Mageweave Leggings or Black Mageweave Vest (2 x Bolt of Mageweave, 3 x Silken Thread) x 5

    220 – 230
    Black Mageweave Gloves (2 x Bolt of Mageweave, 2 x Heavy Silken Thread) x 10

    230 – 250
    Black Mageweave Headband or Black Mageweave Shoulders (3 x Bolt of Mageweave, 2 x Heavy Silken Thread) x 20

    250 – 260
    Bolt of Runecloth (5 x Runecloth) x 180

    260 – 275
    Runecloth Belt (3 x Bolt of Runecloth, 1 x Rune Thread) x 15

    275 – 280
    Runecloth Bag (5 x Bolt of Runecloth, 2 x Rugged Leather, 1 x Rune Thread) x 5

    280 – 300
    Runecloth Gloves (4 x Bolt of Runecloth, 4 x Rugged Leather, 1 x Rune Thread) x 20

    Enchanting is a totaly different story; that will cost you a lot of money. But you can start by disenchating everything you create with tailoring. I don’t think Fuegotte or me will ever need tailoring items you create before lvl 60. The drops we get in dungeons are at lower levels way better.

  73. Authiel Says:

    Yeah I know Healyum, but it’s worth the effort to make items that are worth some money. That way I can gather some money to buy things which help me with enchanting.

    I must say that levelling while creating bolts of silk cloth seems interesting tho…

    So Fuegotte I will take you on for handing me the silk cloth you mentioned earlier. Keep them coming!

  74. I gonna give ya all the cloth and silk and disenchant items i have/find.

    At the time i need money, i just look one of you nicely in the eyes and beg for it 😉

  75. Shady Says:

    Hey Fuegotte,

    You still owe me 100 Gold for Miqie, remember?



  76. Authiel Says:

    Heh heh… I like it when they beg…

    No problem Padmé. I’m not rich but I could spare about 20 gold or so (have approx. 53 gold at the moment). I’ll send it to you this evening.

  77. Oh noes, i dont need money atm Authiel!!! Just ment to say that i give ya all i own for your proffesions instead of making money myself 😉 and at the time i need some cash (not now) i give ya a call 😉

  78. Looking forwards the videos of last monday made by Shady (especially the lapdance of authiel) 😉

    Healyum, you could put some lyrics on the prep posts to /RW during the long rides…… (thats a joke)

    I will be online so now and then, if you want to play together (outside the mumu crew) just /w me.

  79. For the next dungeon please all get the lyrics of “Live and let Die” from Guns ‘n’ Roses. This is for the /rw during the dungeon run.

    ROFL. 😉

  80. to make things easier, here the lyrics:

    When you were young
    and your heart was an open book
    You used to say live and let live
    you know you did
    you know you did
    you know you did
    But if this ever changin
    in which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die
    Live and let die

    What does it matter to ya
    When ya got a job to do
    Ya got to do it well
    You got to give the other fella hell

    You used to say live and let live
    you know you did
    you know you did
    you know you did
    But if this ever changin
    in which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die
    Live and let die

  81. Authiel Says:

    Ofcourse you all know that the original song was written and performed bij Paul & Linda McCartney with the band Wings. It was the titletrack to the 1973 James Bond movie ‘Live and Let Die’.

    It was released by the label Apple (funny fact?) on June 1st 1973. It then was covered bij Guns N’ Roses in 1991.

    In 1997 Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders rerecorded it for a special album version of James Bond Themes. The album was called ‘Shaken and Stirred’ in opposition to James’ traditional way of saying: “Shaken, not stirred” (again, funny fact?).

    What does all of this have to do with WOW? Absolutely nothing! Can’t be bothered though. Great song!

  82. Yo HealYum, ik riep je gisteren nog (in-game), maar je hoorde me niet 😦

  83. Damn. Inderdaad niet gemerkt. Holywitch was weer eens een dungeon onveilig (of eigenlijk veilig) aan het maken… waarschijnlijk te druk geweest. Sry.

    Heb sinds gisteren trouwens alle dungeons in Outlands minstens 1 keer gedaan muv de raid dungeons. Jippie!!

  84. Kijk eens aan! goed van je! Hoop een keer mijn tank kunsten met Kenpo te mogen uitproberen 🙂

    Maargoed, die sexy warrior heb je gisteren niet gemist, ik was met Hotemetotem online 😉

  85. Wat is jullie fav class? Ik speel ze inmiddels allemaal en heb besloten om 1 te kiezen als favoriet. Maar, zou wel erg raar zijn dat luus een keuze zou kunnen maken 🙂 Dus ik ben verder gaan kijken: wat is je fav rol in een team? Hmm toch tanken voor mij, kijk nu wordt de keuze simpeler, nl: Warrior, Pala of druid.
    Warrior: hele goede tank, maar geen leuke solo class
    Druid: leuk voor solo, geen tank ervaring.
    Pala: best leuke tank, erg leuk solo class maar oh wat haat ik het niet hebben van ranged wep. Nu begreep ik wel dat bij lvl 50 ofzo avenger shield krijgt waarmee je kunt pullen?

    Oke nu de keuze….ehm Warrior….of toch Pala? zie daar ga ik weer :0 Misschien de komende Death Knight? Welke (race) gaan jullie maken? Ikke een gnome, of eh toch een night elf? Female tauren rulez, maarja, heb net een tauren warrior gemaakt (Taurantina). …..pfff keuzes…oke toch een gnome, maar nu….roze of zwart haar? 2 grote staartjes of 3 kleine staartjes? Gelukkig gaat namen bedenken me goed af, gaat iets worden als DarthLuus 🙂 Maar een DK gnome met naam: SugarBlades is ook cool, alleen zo heet mijn rogue al. Nou worden jullie al moe van jullie tank? Pff, zo gaat het altijd in mijn hoofdje en ik ben er zelf ook altijd moe van hahahahahaha. Toch wil ik wel weten wat jullie keuzes zijn. Ook al weet ik denk ik GJ en J z’n keuzes al, nl: GJ Priest als fav en hij gaat kiezen voor een human DK die hij gaat noemen…ehm…UnholyWitch. Jan z’n fav is een roque (hehe) en zijn DK wordt denk ik een draenei…maar hij kon ons nog wel verrassen met een sexy gnome, Jan zal z’n DK noemen: ObiJan of VonRekkab.

    Nou zit ik er ver naast? 🙂

  86. Shady Says:

    Hey Guys and Girl,

    Even een reminder… Vanavond spelen we weer, toch?


  87. Zeker, is nodig. Ik begin al ontwenningsverschijnselen te krijgen. Kan niet nog een hele maand wachten.

    Ready to heal with a high tone of voice. Scarlet Monastery here we come!!

  88. Ja zekers!!!

  89. Shady Says:

    Ik zat te vandaag eens te kijken naar de server stats en zag dat Alonsus 80% Alliance is en maar 20% Horde. Dat verklaart wel een hoop waarom de AH bijv aan de horde kant zo rustig is vergeleken met de Alliance kant. Ik zou wel eens willen bespreken om naar een andere server te migreren waar meer een 50/50 verdeling is tussen de twee fractions. Wat vinden jullie hier van?

  90. wat ik weet is dat deze verdeling bij elke server zo is, mensen kiezen gewoon eerder voor alliance.
    En ik vraag me af of we met de maandag ploeg de AH zo erg nodig hebben. Ik bedoel, de beste spullen haal je uit dungeons, en die doen we al. Maar we overleggen gewoon, als iedereen migr. dan blijf ik heus niet alleen achter hoor 😉 Vind alleen migreren owv een rustige AH nou niet echt lucratief. Ben benieuwd naar de mening van de rest.

  91. I’m not realy in favor of migration.
    First of all I dont think we realy need the AH for our Monday Crew… have to agree with Padme.
    Second I tried to find a balanced server that was not full and Blizzard facilitates magration to….. could not find a single one. All available servers have almost the same balance.

    If we want to play BGs in the future it’s a diffrent story, then I think we should migrate.

  92. Shady Says:

    Problem with next weeks dungeon. We need to be lvl 34 before we can pick up the quest. I suggest we grind on our own to lvl 34 before we meet for the dungeon on Monday. What do you think?

  93. Shady Says:

    Strike my comment!! I was looking at the Alliance quest. Very confusing now that both Alliance and Horde quests are on the Dungeon site. No individual leveling needed!!!!!!

  94. Shady Says:

    Hey Guys and Girls,

    I just had a thought, we are still to low level to do the last part of SM. Now we have 2 options, I think. Either we run the Library again 🙂 or we do Razorfen Downs and complete all quests there except for the final one where we need to be lvl 37 for to complete. By running this one we will pick up xp quicker since we wil also get XP for completing the quests and therfore we will reach lvl 37 faster. Plus if gives us a nice change from SM 😛 We will have to do it again for the final run but I am ok with that.

    Any thoughts from you?

  95. Great plan! I’m in favor.

  96. Authiel Says:

    Whatever keeps us going. I think the AH on the Horde-side sucks. Don’t bother migrating tho… If I really need something I’ll buy it from the Alliance AH and transfer it thru Booty Bay with one of you guys.

    Same difference I guess and maybe cheaper. I found that several items in Horde AH are way more expensive than the same items vendored at the Alliance AH.

    Haven’t bought a new HS and so it’ll be a silent night once again from my side.

  97. Shady Says:

    I only proposed it because if we want to do some battlegrounds or some PvP stuff it might be more fun on a better balanced server. Anyay it was just a thought at the time. I suggest we stay on this one :p

  98. Shady Says:

    BTW I am already in Camp Taurajo so if someone else can join me there we have a very short run to the dungeon to summon the rest 🙂 Did some farming there yesterday for pimping the jewelcrafting. I’ve got some presents for you guys.

  99. Authiel Says:

    And I DO like battlegrounds and PvP-stuff. How is it then that the Horde always seem to win?

    So you have some nice bling bling for us then? I like it. Dunno if I can find the time to head to Camp Taurajo before tonight…

  100. Thnx for the bling bling Shady!

  101. Authiel Says:

    It was an easy night yesterdaynight… We all advanced to level 36! Need to do some training with my Paladin-trainer! We should be able to wrap up the Scarlet Monastery I guess.

    The KLF rocking monday crew really kicks ass! Did I mention that I was happy receiving my new sword? Maybe I forgot to mention it yestdaynight…

  102. Even I am happy with your new sword! Man… what a beauty. 😉

  103. I’ve made some changes to the dungeon guides…. got the hint Shady 😛

    You can now view the guide in Neutral, alliance or Horde mode.

  104. Authiel Says:

    Read something interesting today. Some MMORPG-mods are considering putting a ban on ingame goldsellers. Their accounts will be closed. Now this announcement wasn’t made for WoW, but it is to be considered.

    So people beware! Buying gold is not legal since most gold was obtained by hacking other peoples accounts. ‘Nuf said…

  105. And it’s a good thing their considering that. For WoW it is already policy, and if they find out your selling or buying gold you will be banned without a doubt. I know what it’s like to find your characters stripped from all gear and money 😦 Check the Terms of Use for WoW:

    “You agree that you will not buy or sell for “real” money or exchange gold, weapons, armor, or any other virtual items that may be used in World of Warcraft outside the World of Warcraft platform;” Penalty: Account Closure.

  106. Shady Says:

    I had great fun last Monday in the Razorfen Downs. Great loot for most of us and we leveled quite nicely as well. Like Authiel said we should be ready to wrap up SM and level to 37 doning so. After that we can pickup the final boss quest for RFD and run it once more.

    I hope that we can soon run Uldaman with the crew because that will be a nice challenge again for us.

    Holy, i checked out the updated site. Liked the new options:) another small hint :p it’s almost time to start adding new dungeon prep pages 🙂

    Looking forward to next week!
    Cheers Shady (from the train)

  107. Authiel Says:

    Yeah, looking forward to running Uldaman. I must say I enjoy ‘dungeoning’. No one’s ‘butting’ in while completing quests and we prove to be a hard-to-beat team.

    I haven’t seen that much dungeons during my regular gameplay (hard to find other people with same objective and honest loot-sharing). Can’t wait to go into ZF!

    Shady is to be considered a happy ‘roller’ at this moment! 🙂

  108. Authiel Says:

    LOL /train

  109. Working on the Uldaman prep. Have to do it at night though, so it takes some time. But, don’t worry, it will be ready in time.

  110. Fuegotte Says:

    I have to say that I enjoy dungeoning too! We are leveling in a nice tempo. I agree with Authiel, the drops and loots are divided equally amongst us by necessity/useability and the loot quality is quite ok, Unfortunately, not always as we experienced in the scarlet monestary the last time. But last weeks dungeon was dropping quite interesting items which made up for the week before.
    Overall, I like playing with you guys and hope to continue untill we’re all level +100… It’s a nice goal I’d say 🙂

  111. Shady Says:

    Message from El:

    Anybody wanna do Kara with me?

  112. Would love to do Kara. Is your guild doing Kara?

  113. Authiel Says:

    Would love to do Kara as well… if she were to be a hot chick (don’t let my character’s looks fool you. As a female Blood Elf I’m into the girlie thing as well ;P).

    But that’s probably not what she is.

  114. Shady Says:

    Nah guild is not really doing Kara. Some people have done it but not as a guild effort. Need a lot of preparation get get the key to access Kara anyway. But I’m working on it.


  115. Little news from Kenpo:
    “I trained myself now as expert rider and have a fast Swift mount now! Now saving money for the flying mount training.

    About Kara, i did the first 2 q, and now have to do the key fragments parts”.

    cheers, K.

  116. Shady Says:

    El says: “That is great news. I am also on the key fragment quests. Holywitch has already finished the first part”

  117. Shady Says:

    I assume we will all be ready for action again tonight and rollup the last part of SM and perhaps if is all goes well run RFD as well. Sould be easy for us to do in a couple of hours.

  118. Healyum got a little bit tired of relaying message to you guys. So I’ve created a useraccount for myself. 😉

    Great news you have your epic mount. Now go for the flying one, you need it to finish the Kara questchain.

  119. He Holy, you here ?!

    A feel schizophrenic…. no I don’t….. yes I do.

  120. lol 😉

    I already have the flying mount, just need the training. But have to start all over again saving (have 25G left), the expert riding was 600G + 85G for horse, and this one is 800G for skills and 100G for birdie(i already bought the mount).

    I was very disapointed, when the trainer said: “No you can not train this one, you need the expert (150) riding part FIRST (i had only 75skills at that point)”.
    I said to him: “oh no, but cant i pay you the 800G and forget about the other?” But NOOOO SIR, they want me to pay double for the riding!
    It does not make sense to me, its like: if i wanna fly a F16, why do i need to take a test to drive a Hyundai Pony First?????


  121. I’m no longer behind ya’ll with lvl’ing. Next time we will ding toghether, Yay!!

    Verder, maandag de 13de ben ik later online.

  122. The new patch is 1,5 GB!

  123. Authiel Says:

    Instead of me not playing tonight, I will be online this evening! Am I messing up everybody’s plans right now?

    I don’t know if you guys want to play with the Monday Rocking Crew chars or play with your level 70 Alliance chars? If not with the Monday Rocking Crew I will be online with Maegei and try to advance into level 39 or maybe even 40.

    I’ll be hearing from you. Or not.

  124. Authiel Says:

    And the patch is currently 1,57 GB!

  125. Great Stuff Dude!!!! Very happy you can join tonight. Let’s play with our horde crew chars. C-ya tonight.

  126. Great you join the party tonight Dude! Uldaman here we come.

    Ehhh… where is everybody?

  127. Authiel Says:

    Too bad you guys don’t have level 38/39 Alliance chars. I really need to do Scarlet Monastery with Maegei. It has some cool quest rewards and I need a book (quest item) from the library.

  128. El and Holy should be able to help you if you want 😛

  129. No problem Maegei. Let us now and we will walk with you through Scarlet Monasety. One of us, El or me, should be enough by the way. Both of us can solo SM easy 😉

  130. Final patch size is 1,62 GB. It’s installing right now.

    And a second patch of 631 MB after installing the ROTLK patch. Nice new login scren by the way.

  131. Authiel Says:

    I must say it takes a lot of time to download this 3.02 patch. Only 200 KiB… Still have to wait approximately one hour to complete. Oh the waiting! Make it stop!

  132. Authiel Says:

    A lot has changed with this latest patch. Can’t say I’m too happy about all the changes. Paladins have lost options in seals and blessings which have consequences for partymembers as well.

    No more blessing of salvation to reduce the threat caused by a specific party member, which lasted 5 minutes. It now only lasts 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 3 minutes.

    Still have to find my way around the new settings I guess.

  133. Indeed a lot has changed. It’s like you have to learn and understand the talents and spells all over again.

    For example, there is no Healing bonus or Spell damage bonus on gear anymore. Instead there is something like Spell Power, which works entirely different. For Holywitch this resulted in a drop in Healing Bonus from +1400 to +800 (with new talents). Damn!!

    Don’t forget to get new Glyphs (Major and Minor), they make a lot of difference!

    For our princes I found a page about Protection Pala’s after the latest patch, that states that you’re not going to miss Blessing of Salvation with the right setting. Hopefully it’s true.
    Here it is:

  134. Authiel Says:

    Yeah, found out about the Glyphs yesterday. At this moment I don’t know what they’re for. Rearranged the talents for Maegei and Authiel and put them all in one specific ‘tree’.

    It looks like Mages have benefit from the change. Don’t know if the same can be said for Paladins. Have to find out about the Spell Power as well. It all takes a lot of time getting used to.

    I do like the new harbour in Stormwind. Don’t exactly know what other changes have been made to the scenery. The list of patchnotes was too long for me to keep reading…

  135. New haircut, cute, isn’t it?

    Healyum, thnx for the pala link!

  136. Ok, here’s a Glyph explanation in short:

    Glyphes are made with the new profession inscription. Inscription will make it possible to augment the cooldown, damage, or mechanics of a spell. There are two type of Glyphes, major and minor. Major glyphs will be effective in combat, minor glyphs will give convenient or cosmetic improvements.

    You can add six glyphs on a new page of your spellbook, (depending on your level) three major and three minor. To add glyphs you have to be close to a book item near the Inscription trainer in a major city. (Ask a guard)

    There are only class specific glyphes. Here are some examples of Glyphes:

    Major Pala glyph: “Your Exorcism also interrupts spellcasting for 2 sec.”

    Major Mage glyph: “The Improved Scorch talent now generates 3 applications of the Improved Scorch effect each time Scorch is cast”

    Minor Rogue glyph: “Increases your movement speed by 30% while the Vanish effect is active.”

    Minor Priest glyph: “Reduces the mana cost of your Fade spell by 50%.”

  137. Maandag kunnen Authiel en Shady niet van de partij zijn. Zouden jullie woensdagavond kunnen?

  138. Ik kan wel woensdag, maar dat wisten jullie al 😉

  139. Woensdag gaat door! Ik heb confirmatie van alle leden 😛

  140. PS. Deze pagina wordt wel lang. Kunnen we hem niet een beetje opruimen?

  141. Of zorgen dat de laatste berichten bovenaan staan. Andersom sorteren.

  142. Andersom sorteren had ik al naar gekeken aangezien we dat van het weekend al besproken hadden, en dat gaat niet met dit thema. Dus enige optie is oude opmerkingen verwijderen.

    Bij verwijderen zijn we ze ook echt kwijt.

    Dus zeg het maar. Alles Verwijderen wat ouder is dan 2 weken ofzo? Ik ben voor.

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