Monday MuMus other chars

The following characters belong to the players of de Monday Mu Mu crew:

Crew member Authiel:

Crew member MuMuFour:

Crew member MuMuTres:

Crew member Shadyrogue:

Crew member MuMuSeven:


12 Responses to “Monday MuMus other chars”

  1. I just updated my section and noticed that Shady has a char named Alderaan 🙂 Just love that name!

  2. I’ve totaly changed my talent build of Holywitch to a Holy build. Now that Elheldihl and Kempo have hit lvl 70 😛 , we could kick some ass in the Outlands. Not on Monday ofcouse 😉

  3. Well, i totaly changed my talent build of Kenpo from Protection to Fury ………. and loving it 🙂
    I have been prot. spec. till lvl 68 ….. foolish me!
    I die faster….but hey, i almost kill now as fast as a rogue or schadow priest 🙂 (before shooting me, notice i said “almost”).

    Lets meet for a party to celebrate our lvl 70 🙂 Perhaps in Goldshire, firestarter can make a lvl 1 human to party with us….

  4. Shady Says:

    Sounds like a plan to me. When do we plan this party?

  5. Shady Says:

    BTW can we make this an enchanting party 🙂 Since you both are enchanters I would like to pimp my gear a bit

  6. Last night we had a nice blast during gaming with our mains. I loved it, and realized i will not play alone much, so decided to respec Kenpo to Protection again.

    I refer this night as the smashing pumpkins episode of wow 😉 (a picture will explain this, later on).

    I just wanna to say that i’m glad that i have meet ya all guys, and i hope we will keep playing games together for a long time….

    Yeah, little bit emotionall crap don’t you think? But i am at work now, being totally unhappy,and visiting this site put a smile on my face……oh and don’t forget….i’m a girl, we get emotionall easily 😉

    I also installed smartbuff, so i will not forget to buff myself again with Righteous Fury! (what is also improved now after pala training, Yay!)

    cya monday!
    xxx Padmé

  7. Ok… well because I’m a guy, I will make it a little bit shorter:

    Same here (not about the work part though) 😉

  8. MuMu4 Says:

    Man this needs updating very bad….

  9. Reading old comments: ROFL

  10. MuMu4 Says:

    MuMu4 list is up to date again. Up to you all to make changes to your list….. if you want.

  11. My list is also updated (only the Alonsus chars)

  12. ericvampire Says:

    I’ve also updated my (petite) list.

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