Ancients of Mu Mu was origianally a Horde guild with people that play WoW frequently and at least ones a week on monday evening. The Monday evening Crew consisted of the following characters (most have been deleted or remamed by now):

  • Authiel DPS, secondary Healer
  • Fuegotte DPS
  • Healyum Healer
  • Shadyrogue DPS
  • Padméamidala Tank

But over time the group changed and more/other people joined. The Ancients of Mu Mu doesn’t exist anymore. But the core team still plays on Monday evening.  The current new initiative started with this post. So now there  is a group of MuMu’s that start all over at level 1. All are part of the “True Blood” guild. Currently we have:

  • MuMuOne Tauren Protection Paladin, Main tank
  • MuMuTwo Blood Elf Retribution Paladin, Mellee DPS
  • MuMuTres Undead Fire Mage, Ranged DPS
  • MuMuFour Orc Elemental Shaman, Ranged DPS
  • MuMuFive Troll Restoration Shaman, Main Healer
  • MuMuSix Troll Feral Combat Druid, Mellee DPS
  • MuMuSeven Tauren Balance Druid, Ranged DPS

You can find us on the Alonsus Realm.

For alternative characters see this page.

KLF is gonna Rock you
The MuMu Crew

The MuMu Crew


7 Responses to “About”

  1. I wanted to update this page, but i don’t have rights to create or edit Pages.

    Padme, could you change this?

  2. Try again 😉

  3. this is gonna be my talent build:

    Protection (47 points)

    5/5 Redoubt
    3/3 Precision
    5/5 Toughness
    1/1 Blessing of Kings
    3/3 Improved Righteous Fury
    3/3 Shield Specialization
    5/5 Anticipation
    1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary
    2/2 Sacred Duty
    5/5 One-Handed Weapon Specialization
    2/2 Improved Holy Shield
    1/1 Holy Shield
    5/5 Ardent Defender
    5/5 Combat Expertise
    1/1 Avenger’s Shield

    Retribution (14 points)

    5/5 Benediction
    2/2 Improved Judgement
    5/5 Deflection
    2/3 Pursuit of Justice
    graphical build

  4. I was thinking about this talent build. That is; if you all think I should go for Shadow build. This Shadow build gives high DPS in Shadow form, at lvl 40 I can restore mana for all mana users (a lot) and I can still heal pretty ok. But if you want me to be a ‘real’ healer, maybe I should go for Disc/Holy build.

    Let me know what you think!

    Discipline (20 points)

    5/5 Unbreakable Will
    5/5 Silent Resolve
    2/2 Improved Power Word: Fortitude
    2/3 Improved Power Word: Shield
    1/1 Inner Focus
    2/3 Meditation
    3/3 Improved Inner Fire

    Shadow (41 points)

    5/5 Blackout
    3/3 Shadow Affinity
    2/2 Improved Shadow Word: Pain
    5/5 Shadow Focus
    1/1 Mind Flay
    2/2 Improved Fade
    2/2 Shadow Reach
    1/1 Vampiric Embrace
    2/2 Improved Vampiric Embrace
    3/3 Focused Mind
    5/5 Darkness
    1/1 Shadowform
    3/5 Shadow Power
    5/5 Misery
    1/1 Vampiric Touch

    Graphical build

  5. Transported the builds to the ‘build’ page.

  6. MuMu4 Says:

    Same here… some updates required 😉

  7. MuMu4 Says:

    Some updates done all MuMus are updated.

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