Oh my god, here we go again….

Zug zug  Maggots and maggotress,

After the pitiful, sad and boring display of last Monday a long discussion thread started on FB: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000403306354

As a result of this I, Garrosh Hellscream, suggest the following new duty roster for your new born Horde troopers, giving everybody the change to excel in a role never played before:

MuMuOne Pascal: Tauren Paladin tank

MuMuTwo Rob: Blood elf Paladin melee dps

MuMuThree Luus: Undead Mage ranged dps

MuMuFour Geert: Orc Shaman ranged dps

MuMuFive Jan: Troll Shaman healer

Strengths: Only 1 true squishy in the group, and 4 potential healers. 2 blessings, 8 totems, 3 CC.
Weaknesses: No Priest for stamina buff.

I suggest every recruit start traveling to the great Undercity after birth (lvl 1) so that we can commence leveling as a team. Leveling alone will not be appreciated.

For the Horde!!


7 Responses to “Oh my god, here we go again….”

  1. MuMu4 Says:

    And thx for setting up the True Blood guild Luus. Lets see how fast it will level.

  2. Well, the True Blood Guild was created just for fun between me and my boo. But its such a cool name that, after this first appeared to be a joke, its cool to have the mumu’s in. There are others in this guild beside the mumu’s and I will keep inv others so the guild can lvl bit faster.

    And thnx to Eacha, who donated 100g we also have a guildbank! Thnx Pascal!!!

    And OH: We renamed all the Horde inn’s to Fangtasia and the Alliance inn’s to Merlotte’s

  3. About the proffesions:

    Mumu1: Mining and Enchanting
    Mumu2: Skinning and Enchanting
    Mumu3: Herbalism and Enchanting
    Mumu4: Jewelcrafting and Enchanting
    Mumu5: Alchemy and Enchanting

    pls your oppinions about this 😉

    Everyone enchants and the gatheres gives the mats to the crafters.

  4. MuMu4 Says:

    Fine by me.

  5. ericvampire Says:

    Hi Guys and Gal,

    Have fun tonight, starting out together as lvl 1!

    Hope you all have a great time!

    Cheers, from your fanger friendly neighborhood sheriff,


  6. Oh, and if you guys find Sookie, pls kill her for me!!

    I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name. F**k Sookie!

  7. En we hebben een MuMuSeven 🙂 nog 3 erbij en we kunnen 10-mans lopen hihihi

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