Prep for Scarlet Monastery Cathedral

Level and Attunement

Minimum entrance level: 20

Meetingstone level: 28-44

Advised level (most fun): 36-40

Attunement: Scarlet Key from the Library part of Scarlet Monastery.

See wow-europe, wowwiki and/or thottbot for more information.



This is the map with important spots of the dungeon: 


  1. Scarlet Commander Mograine  (E = Entrance,  CS = Chest span)
  2. High Inquisitor Whitemane
  3. High Inquisitor Fairbanks 


Quests for the dungeon

[42] Into the Scarlet Monastery Form Varimathras in Undercity.

This quest is the boss killing quest. We need to kill bosses in all parts of the Scarlet Monastery. (Library, Armory and Cathedral). This time we should complete the quest.


All Bosses, tactics and drops

 Bosses of SM

(picture from wowwiki)

[40E] High Inquisitor Fairbanks

Tactics for Fairbanks: Just kill him like normal Elite. He can Heal himself, thats all. To get to him we have to click a lantern.

Drops of Fairbanks:

Dusty Mail Boots
9.0 41 Mail Feet 2809 38.5% 2

Inquisitor’s Shawl
15.5 41 Cloth Shoulder 2375 32.6% 2

Branded Leather Bracers
11.0 41 Leather Wrist 2049 28.1%

[40E] High Inquisitor Whitemane

Tactics for Whitemane: Whitemane and Mograine have to be killed in the same fight. Check the tactics for Mograine!

Drops of Whitemane:

Triune Amulet
21.0 44 Neck 2344 36.7% 3
Whitemane’s Chapeau
37.0 44 Cloth Head 2327 36.4% 3
Hand of Righteousness
18.6 44 Mace Main Hand 1226 19.2%

[40E] Scarlet Commander Mograine

Tactics for Mograine and Whitemane: First of all we have to kill EVERYTHING in the Cathedral before pulling Mograine and Whitemane. If we just kill the guys leading to him, and pull him, when he yells, every other crusader in the building will charge at us along with him.  Once we kill Mograine the doors behind him will open and out will come High Inquisitor Whitemane. She’s pissed off that we killed the Commander. She is a priest type person, and will cast mainly smite for damage. When she gets down to about 1/3rd health she will stun everyone in the group and run over to Mograine’s body. She will then cast a spell that resurrects him. She then heals to full life. Then we fight the two together, starting with the High Inquisitor because she deals more damage with her spells and heals.

If we kill Whitemane before she can res Mograine, we will get no loot from them. So we have to make sure she does!

Drops of Mograine:

Aegis of the Scarlet Commander
22.0 44 Shield Off Hand 2968 40.7% 3
Gauntlets of Divinity
23.0 44 Mail Hands 1345 18.5% 3
Mograine’s Might
243 44 Mace Two-Hand 1280 17.6% 3
Scarlet Leggings
30.0 43 Mail Legs 1280 17.6%


TODO’s before entering the dungeon

Just kick some ass.


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